Game: Avalanche

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If you have a big class, form teams of 12 or more. If you have a
smaller class, everyone is on the same team. Give each group a car
tire. On “go,” have each team try to get all its team members on
its team’s tire and stay there for five seconds. (Don’t let teams
give up!)

Afterward, give teams newsprint and a marker. Have teams each
complete this sentence with as many phrases as possible and list
the phrases on the newsprint: “In order to stop the avalanche of
people falling off the tire, we had to…”

Some answers teams may arrive at include: “forget our initial
awkwardness”; “get close to one another”; “believe it could be
done”; “keep trying and not give up”; “get ideas from everyone”;
“work together”; “keep making adjustments”; or “find the right

Have teams each read their list. *Then ask: How are the things on
your lists like or unlike the things we have to do to be the kind
of church God wants us to be? What happens to the church if someone
refuses to do one of these things?

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Read aloud Romans 15:1-7 in an easy-to-understand
translation. Then close in prayer, asking God to help your group
live out the verses in this passage.

Brian Mason
Glen Allen, Virginia

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