Halloween Children’s Message: Fear Not


Use this Halloween Children’s Message: Fear Not to help your kids say bye-bye to fear.

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Theme: Halloween

Text: Psalm 91

Preparation: You’ll need scrap paper and a Bible.

The Message: (Distribute 20 sheets of scrap paper and have kids wad the paper as you talk.) It’s almost time for Halloween, and for some people Halloween is a spooky time. What kinds of things do people fear at Halloween?

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The Bible tells us that we have nothing to fear at Halloween. (Read Psalm 91:1-10.)

Let’s act out these verses. (Choose a child to be “It.” Have half the children use their bodies to make a shelter to protect It. Have the other half try to hit It with the paper wads. After two minutes of play, stop the action.)

How did “It” feel in the shelter? How easy or difficult was your job of protecting It? How did your shelter compare with God’s shelter that Psalm 91 tells us about?

You are God’s precious treasure. He is greater than any evil on this Earth. God will protect you. Listen to what God says about you. (Read Psalm 91:14-16, personalizing the Scripture by using the pronoun “you.”)

Close in prayer, thanking God for his love and protection at Halloween and all times.



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