Faith of Our Fathers


Use this activity to help children learn
the Scripture:

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“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of
God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate
their faith”
(Hebrews 13:7).

SUPPLIES: You’ll need a Bible, a
chalkboard and chalk or newsprint and a marker, paper, and

Write out the verse at the very top of the
chalkboard or newsprint, leaving plenty of room underneath. Lead
children in reading the verse aloud.

Say: Today we’re going to follow the
advice of this verse. The first thing this verse tells us to do is
to “remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.” Have
the children repeat the sentence. Then say: The first thing I want
you to do is to remember your Christian leaders. Write a list of
all the Christian leaders you can think of.

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Hand out paper and pencils, and have the children
write a vertical list of at least four or five Christian leaders,
such as the pastors in your church, older people in your church,
parents, and even famous or historical people such as Billy Graham
or Martin Luther. Make sure the children leave plenty of room
between the names on their lists.

Give the children a few minutes, then say:
The next thing this verse tells us to do is to
“consider the outcome of their way of life.”
Have the
children repeat the sentence. Then ask: What do you
think this means?

Say: Let’s think about how these
people have lived their Christian lives. What kinds of things do
they do to show they’re strong Christians? How have those actions
affected their lives? Write down your ideas next to each person’s
name on your list.

Give the children several minutes. Then say:
Last, this verse tells us to “imitate their faith.”
Make a third column on your paper, and write what you’ve learned
about being a Christian from each person and how you can follow his
or her example.

Give the children a few minutes. Then have
volunteers share what they’ve written. Copy what they say onto the
chalkboard under the appropriate phrase of the verse. After each
person is mentioned, have the children read aloud the verse, while
you point to the appropriate examples from the children’s lists.
For example, Troy might give the example of his Uncle Bill who
never uses bad words even when he’s mad. Troy decided to guard his
tongue and his temper. While the children all say. “Remember your
leaders who spoke the word of God to you,” you’ll point to the
words “Uncle Bill.” While the children say, “consider the outcome
of their way of life,” you’ll point to the words, “never uses bad
words.” And when the children say “and imitate their faith,” you’ll
point to the words, “Troy will guard his tongue and temper.”

Candlelight Prayer Object Lesson

-From Making Scripture Memory Fun: 80 Unforgettable Ideas
for Children’s Ministry
(Group Publishing, Inc.).

Continue this activity for each volunteer who wants to share
from his or her list.

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