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Devotion: The Master's Voice

Children's Ministry Magazine

Kids must navigate many obstacles as they grow in the Christian faith. This Bible activity will challenge kids to listen to God's voice in a chaotic world.

Help kids listen to God's voice in a chaotic world...

Grades 5-6

Theme: Listening to God
Text: John 10:2-5

Preparation: You'll need an obstacle course, a blindfold, and a Bible.

The Message: (Blindfold someone who volunteers to be led through the obstacle course. Then choose a leader who'll always give the right directions.) The object of this devotion is for our blindfolded person to make it through the course by following the leader's voice. The leader will always give the correct directions, but the rest of the group is going to loudly call out wrong directions to drown out the leader's voice.

(Have the kids follow their respective roles. If the blindfolded person has a very difficult time, allow the leader to say "hello.") How did it feel to be blindfolded and not know which voice to trust? How is this like or unlike trying to hear God's voice in a chaotic world? What things can prevent us from hearing the quiet voice of God?

(Read the Scripture.) How can we know which voice to follow? How can we become more careful listeners of God's voice? What are some ways God helps us learn to hear his voice and speaks to us?

Let's ask God to help us listen carefully to his voice.

Jennifer Schapals
San Francisco, California



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