Wrap Up Some Fun With Our Christmas Gift Wrap Race

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Our Christmas Gift Wrap Race is a super-fun and inspiring children’s ministry game guaranteed to get your kids in the spirit of Christmas!

Prepare: This game works best for kids ages 8 to 12. For every four kids, you’ll need one box, one roll of gift wrap, one pair of child-safe scissors, a roll of ribbon, a roll of tape, and a gift bow.

Play: Form teams of four. Give each team its supplies. Tell kids that they’re to wrap an imaginary gift for the world, such as peace or an end to hunger, inside their box. Before they wrap, they must decide what gift they’d most like to give the world and then wrap it beautifully—in the shortest time possible. Everyone in the team must participate in some way in wrapping the gift.

When the race is over, have teams show their wrapped boxes and describe what gift they chose. Honor groups with awards such as “the most inventive gift,” “the fastest wrap,” “the most beautiful ribbon,” or “the best-placed tape.” Ensure that each group receives recognition.

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Close in a prayer, thanking God for his great gift to the world, Jesus.

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