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Candle Tag

Plcandle2ay this fun game to remind kids to be lights for Jesus.

You'll need an open space that can be darkened (but not black) and flameless tea lights.

Give all kids a tea light (which they keep turned off), and have one child volunteer to be "It."

An adult volunteer stands in the center of the room with a tea light turned on as Base.

The child who's It sneaks in the darkness to tag the other kids.

Kids can stay safe at Base until they count to five, but then they must move again.

When kids are tagged, they turn on their lights and join the Base. Once everyone's tagged, play more rounds with a new It.

Afterward, read aloud Matthew 5:14-16. Ask: How did it feel when you got tagged? How did it feel to find shelter at Base? to join the Base and make a brighter light once you were tagged? How was this experience like or unlike how it feels to be tagged with God's love? How can you shine your light in your community or school this week?

Kristy Coughlin
Los Angeles, California

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