Building Faith at Home


Blueprint: Be curious and willing to learn from
kids about the technology they use. Set aside time each week to
read at least one article about what’s happening in the virtual
world. Read product reviews on new gadgets. And open dialogue with
parents about the technology and media their children live with
every day. Encourage parents to maintain a Jesus-centered mindset
when it comes to media. Whether it’s giving parents casual pointers
on how to have a direct conversation with a child about their
expectations or giving parents a list of ways to use technology to
their benefit, you can serve parents by opening this door of

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Ephesians 5:11 tells us not to avoid the tough
conversations: “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and
darkness; instead, expose them.”

In days gone by, parents faced with a tough conversation or topic
frequently relied on familiar stories of the Old Testament, either
to “scare kids straight,” eliminate debate, or change the focus of
the conversation. We may out of habit encourage parents facing a
challenging conversation to focus on familiar biblical subjects of
love, salvation, God’s promises, and forgiveness–in lieu of
tackling the many real issues kids face. Of course the Bible is
primary and essential in teaching kids about Jesus–but let’s be
honest: How many parents can wade into it and find a fitting verse
in the midst of a family crisis?

Kids need to be ministered to on their level by their parents in
real time. And the best relevant example of the biblical virtues we
hope to imprint on kids isn’t found in words printed on a
page–it’s in the behavior, reactions, and actions of the parent.
We do parents a service when we equip them with that reality. Kids
today deal with divorce, temptation, death, illness, obesity,
drugs, depression, abuse, poverty, anger, bullies, medical issues,
witchcraft, and so much more. Parents need encouragement and tools
from you that help them address the realities their kids live

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Blueprint: Teach parents these discussion starters
they can use at home with kids whenever a tough topic arises.

• What do you think about that situation?

• What do you think God thinks about it?

• What would you do if you were in that situation or what do you
think you should do?

The discussions don’t have to be heavy or require deep and
exhausting interfaces. What they can be are opportunities for
parents to open communication lines with their kids that lead to
greater trust and honesty. When parents feel equipped to talk about
tough issues with their kids, they’re much more likely to lead
conversations toward God.



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