Baby’s First Christmas


Classroom and family traditions help children develop lifelong
habits and thought patterns. This Christmas help families develop
their children’s first traditions that’ll add spiritual impact and
wonderful memories as their children grow.

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Christmas ornaments proclaiming “Baby’s First
Christmas” are often the first in a long line of traditions for
infants and toddlers as parents place the ornament on the family
tree. You can help young families develop spiritually rich
Christmas traditions with these ideas.

• Keepsakes-Make personalized ornaments for
children in your nursery and encourage parents to hang them in a
special place each year on the Christmas tree. Display a tree in
your check-in area with a special ornament for Jesus placed in a
position of honor, such as at the top of the tree or below a
central light.

• Books-Babies and toddlers love repetition and
enjoy having their favorite books read to them over and over again.
This Christmas give families the gift of age-appropriate storybooks
illustrating Jesus’ birth (books such as Christmas Angels by
Crystal Bowman and Christmas Baby by Sally Ann Wright).

• Celebrations-Little ones love birthdays, so
host a birthday party for Jesus in your nursery and toddler rooms.
Invite children to bring small birthday gifts for Jesus that they
can donate to the classroom, such as a storybook or toy. (Keep
spares on hand for kids whose parents forget or can’t afford this,
and let them donate the gifts on behalf of your church.) Encourage
families to celebrate Jesus’ birth at home with cupcakes or a cake.
Give families a special tablecloth or place mat for Christmas that
kids can draw on each year to record Christmas highlights or
spiritual milestones.

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• Toys-Purchase an unbreakable nativity set for
your classroom that toddlers can hold and touch. Place it on a
table or shelf that little ones can reach. Each time your children
play with the figurines is an opportunity to tell the story of
Jesus’ birth.

Colleen Oglesby is a children’s ministry consultant and has
served for more than 30 years in children’s ministry.

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