8 Exciting Back to School Activities


8 fun back to school activities to help kids break the ice, build cooperation, sprout friendships, learn compassion, and — best of all — reach for God. 

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Every new school year brings with it excitement and anticipation — as much from the students as the teachers. This year, help your kids prepare for the upcoming school year and for tests they’ll face in life with lessons about God’s amazing love.

We wish you a tremendous year filled with the blessings of teaching and learning — and may God’s gifts be equally bestowed upon you and your students. Read on for great ideas to start your new school year off right!

1. Chain Gang Relay

Theme: Teamwork Scripture: Acts 16:16-31

Children's Ministry Local Training

Age Level: 6 to 12

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 20 minutes

Materials: Crepe paper streamer rolls, obstacle course items, Bible

Use this cooperative relay to build teamwork and coordination in your class. Beforehand, set up an obstacle course using classroom items such as chairs, trash cans, and other items kids will have to maneuver around.

Form relay lines. Give the first person in each line a crepe paper streamer roll. Have the kids on each team tie themselves together by their left ankles. Say, “On go, your team must run through the obstacle course together without breaking your bond. That means you’ll have to work together. If you break the streamer, your team is out of the race.” Once the race is over, ask, “What was difficult about the race? Were you able to work together? Why or why not? What made it easier to maneuver the obstacle course? What made it more difficult?”

Children's Message: Lies and God's Eyes

Read aloud the Scripture. Ask, “How do you think Paul and Silas felt when they were forced into the jail? How do you think their bond with God helped them through this ordeal? How is that like or unlike the bond you experienced today?”

Geoffrey Allan
Miami, Florida

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