5 Amazing Easter Crafts

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As Easter draws near, we wanted to continue highlighting what others plan on doing with their kids.
Last week we gave you five great ways to boost your Easter egg hunt. This time, we’ll focus on Easter crafts. Once again, I dove into the creative melting pot that is Pinterest to discover some of the cutest and coolest crafts around. Here are five of the best craft ideas I found. You can try them out in your ministry-or maybe they will inspire you to create something completely original!

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    1. Coin-Covered Cross
      Here’s a simple craft that Trish from Mom On Time Out posted. Kids take small change and glue it to a cross. “These coin-covered crosses are a beautiful way to illustrate the price he paid,” says Trish, “and the variations are endless.” It’s a great way to remind kids that the price of our sins is paid in full.
    2. Colorful Crafts – I love the idea of using the many colors of the Easter season to remind kids of Jesus.
      Stacey from the website A Moment in our World uses the colors of Easter eggs and jellybeans to create crafts that
      teach the true meaning of Easter.
    3. Easter Bouquet – This Easter flower card made with kids’ handprints is a way for young kids to share the message of Jesus. From the website Free Crafty Ideas: “Easter means flowers, rebirth and spreading the message that Jesus has risen.” Kids can’t wait to give their card to someone and share with them the good news of Jesus.
    4. Colorful Light Ray Cross
      – This craft by Housing a Forest is perfect for older kids who don’t mind getting a little messy. Using their fingers,
      kids create a cross that glows with the light of Jesus. The original project uses watercolor paints, but one poster on
      Pinterest said using food coloring works as well, too.


Still looking for more Easter crafts? Make sure to check out Group’s  Seasonal Specials for Children’s Ministry. I love this book!
Not only does it have great Easter crafts with meaning, it also equips you with an Easter skit, Easter game, Easter songs, and
Easter-themed outreach. The book features ideas for 12 additional holidays, so grab it for Easter and you will be set for the rest of
the year!

What Easter crafts do you have planned for your ministry? Do you have a Pinterest account with ideas to share for Easter? Tell us about it using the comment section below!

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