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Jesus and Me: Grades 3 and 4

1. All Around Us-Give each child a balloon. Have children each blow up their balloon, but not tie it off.

Ask: What’s inside your balloon? How do you know that? What is air? Where is it? Why can’t we see or feel it? Then how do we know it’s there?

Have the children release their balloons.

Say: Just as air is always with us, so is Jesus. Even though we can’t see or feel Jesus, he is with us at all times.

2. Jesus’ FriendsAsk: Have you ever had to say goodbye to a friend? Explain. How did you feel when you said goodbye?

Say: Jesus had to say goodbye to his friends also. Let’s read about what happened after Jesus’ Resurrection.

Read aloud Matthew 28:16-20 and Luke 24:50-53.

Say: When you said goodbye to your friend, you may have said things such as “write me” or “don’t forget me.” Jesus didn’t want his friends to be alone, so he told them that he would be with them forever. He also told them that he wanted the whole world to know him.

3. Friendly Help-Have each child find a balloon from activity 1. Form two groups. Tell one group of children to keep their hands behind their back.

Then say: You have five minutes for everyone to blow up and tie off the balloons.

On “go,” let the children figure out for themselves how to accomplish the goal. The only way it will happen is if they help each other.

Afterward, ask: How did you feel during this activity? How did you feel if you accomplished the goal? if you didn’t? What was the best strategy for getting all the balloons blown up and tied off? How does Jesus help us accomplish difficult tasks? Is telling the whole world about Jesus a difficult task? Why or why not? How can knowing Jesus is with you help you tell others in your world about him?

4. Jesus Bumper Stickers-Give children permanent markers, white ConTac paper and scissors. Have them cut 3X12-inch pieces of ConTac paper. Have each child design a bumper sticker, with slogans such as “Jesus lives” or “Jesus and me-friends forever.” Encourage children to each display their bumper sticker in a place where others will see it, such as on a notebook or book bag.

5. Cloudy Drinks-Serve children Coke floats.

Say: The foam in your glass can remind us of the clouds the disciples saw Jesus disappear in. Even though Jesus was raised into the clouds, his spirit is still here with us.

Close in prayer.



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Jesus and Me: Grades 3 and 4

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