Zacchaeus: Grades 5 and 6


Setting: For this Bible lesson about Zacchaeus,
from brown posterboard, cut out a 3-foot-tall tree trunk. Use a
marker to draw vertical lines of bark. Tape the trunk to the wall.
Then tape inflated green balloons to the top of the tree for
leaves. Sit at the foot of the sycamore tree during the

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Bible Activity: Spring Cleaning-Read aloud Luke 19:1-10. Divide a chalkboard into three
sections titled: “Things/Money,” “Family” and “Time.” Ask the kids
to list things, how they treat people and events that Jesus would
see or experience in their home. Have kids each choose one item
that may need to be “cleaned up.”

Craft: Keep It Clean-Have children each write one
sentence stating what they’ll do on a 3X5 card. Then have them each
write every word of that sentence on a different 3X5 card. Give
them each a 4-foot piece of yarn and some tape. Have them each lay
their cards lengthwise and tape the yarn to the backs of their
cards. Encourage kids to hang these in their bedrooms as

Snack: You’ll need: bread sticks, marshmallows,
pretzel sticks and gumdrops.

Directions: Have children each poke a bread stick into a
marshmallow, but not through it. Have them poke several pretzel
sticks into the marshmallow. Then have them press gumdrops onto the
ends of their pretzel sticks. They’ll have a Zacchaeus tree to
enjoy eating.

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Created for GRADES 5 AND 6

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy

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