Woman at the Well: Grades 1 to 3



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Bible Activity: Catch It-Play background music.
Have children each hold a large feather in the air and drop it. As
the feather gracefully floats down, call out parts of the body and
have children each try to catch it on that body part. For example,
call out elbow, knee, hand, or stomach.

Paraphrase John 4:7-30.

*Ask: What did you have to do for your feather to touch
the right body part? What did Jesus say this woman needed to do to
have eternal life? Who does Jesus want to go to heaven?

*Say: Just as you had to reach out and touch your feather,
Jesus wants us to reach out to him and receive his gift of eternal
life. If we receive his gift, we’ll go to heaven to be with God
when we die.

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Craft: Eyes to See-Give each child a two-egg
section of an egg carton and two pipe cleaners. Using a hole punch,
help kids punch holes in each side of their egg carton section.
Then have them insert a pipe cleaner into each hole. Have them
twist each pipe cleaner to stay in its hole. Help children cut out
holes in their egg carton bottoms to make glasses. Have kids
decorate their glasses with feathers and glue. Encourage kids to
wear their glasses as a reminder that God wants us to see things
from his viewpoint.

Snack: You’ll need: A packet of Jell-O, water,
a way to heat the water, enough prepared Jell-O for your class,
plates, forks, and napkins.

Directions: Help children make Jell-O. Talk about how the
water is important to give life to the powdered Jell-O. Afterward,
serve Jell-O and talk about how Jesus gives us life.

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