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Ways to Use Gyroscopes in Your Ministry

There are plenty of opportunities to integrate the X-Zylo Flying Gyroscopes into your ministry. Here are a couple examples.

The X-Zylo Ultra can travel up to 600 feet…if tossed correctly. The key is to use a side-arm throw. With the right technique, the Ultra can easily fly 100 feet each time. When kids are first trying to toss their X-Zylo, they may have a hard time tossing it great distances until you teach them the technique. You can tie this into how the Bible gives us instructions on how to live our life and go far for God.

Younger kids enjoy the X-Zylo Air Rider because the tail makes it easy to throw in any motion. Give the younger kids a shot at using the Ultra. After a few attempts, swap them out with the Air Riders for an easier experience. You can then tie this into how, like the Air Rider's tail, God wants to guide our life and we can trust that he'll lead us in the right direction.

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