We used this bulletin insert to inform parents of our
fire-evacuation procedures.

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“Please be aware that our church conforms to local fire codes.
For example, we have a voice alarm system; two fire exit route
diagrams posted in each classroom; and regular inspection of the
smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and special safety equipment
installed in the kitchen. Additionally, our fire alarm system is
tied into a local monitoring system that’ll automatically notify
the fire department.

If a fire alarm goes off during the worship service, exit the
building by the closest door. If you have children in the nursery
or children’s church, please DO NOT retrieve them from their rooms.
Each teacher has received special instructions on how to safely
exit the building with his or her class. The nurseries and the 2′s
and 3′s classes have been assigned “fire marshals,” regularly
attending church members, who are responsible for assisting the
workers and children in safely exiting the building.

Each nursery or classroom has a designated place for the class
to go upon exiting the building. The location of these designated
spots are posted in each classroom next to the fire evacuation plan
diagram. Please take time to familiarize yourself with your child’s
specially designated location. Teachers will also take their Sunday
school attendance sheets so they can have an accurate list of who
must be present. Once you’ve safely exited the building, you may go
to your child’s designated meeting place to take him or her

As an added precaution, several staff members will “sweep” the
building to be certain no one has remained in the classrooms or
restrooms. Any children found during the sweep will be taken to
their appropriate meeting place.

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We certainly hope these guidelines will be helpful to you in the
event of an emergency. It’s our prayer that they’re never
-Shelly Matthews

In a Children’s Ministry Magazine phone survey of 50 children’s
ministers, we discovered their biggest safety concerns for their
1. Child sexual abuse/molestation
2. Adequate teacher/child ratios
3. Injuries (playground/games)
4. Abduction
5. Drop-off/pick-up policies
6. Playground facilities
7. Volunteer screening
8. Single parent/custodial parent situations
9. Nursery toy safety
10. Fire/fire drills and transportation for field trips

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