Memorial Day Lesson: Pre-K


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Use this 15-minute Bible activity and lesson to help
children understand and honor those who have served.


1. A Joyful Noise: For each child, place paper
and masking tape over one end of a toilet paper tube. Let each
child drop a handful of dry rice into his or her tube. Cover the
top with paper and tape. Have kids decorate their tubes with crayon

Say: “Memorial Day is a holiday to remember people
who’ve died. Some people have parades to remember soldiers who died
in wars. Let’s have a parade now.” Turn on a recording of marching
or lively music. Have kids shake their noisemakers and march! If
weather permits, take your parade outdoors. Then set aside the
instruments and form a circle.

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2. Living Forever: Ask: “Has someone
you love ever died? How did you feel? (If no child in your group
has lost a loved one, share from your experience.) When people die,
we miss them. The Bible tells us a reason to not feel so sad.” Read
aloud John 3:16.

Say: “If we believe in Jesus, then we’ll live forever
in heaven. We miss people who’ve died, but we can be happy that
they’re with Jesus. What do you think they do in heaven with

3. A Work of Heart: Provide brightly colored
paper scraps, glue, and crayons. Give each child a 6X6-inch square
of white paper.

Say: “Let’s make a quilt of paper squares to remind us
of people who’ve gone to heaven.”

Glue colored paper to your white paper to make a picture or
design. Write the name of the person each child wants to remember
on his or her square. If the child doesn’t have anyone in mind,
suggest writing “Soldiers” to remember those who died in war. Glue
quilt squares to a sheet of newsprint to look like a quilt. Title
it “Our Remembrance Quilt” and display it in your classroom.

Say: On Memorial Day, we remember those who’ve died. We
miss them, but we can be glad they’re in heaven.

4. Snack: In clear cups, layer sliced
strawberries and blueberries. Finish with a dollop of whipped
topping and serve to your class, reminding them to be thankful for
people who are willing to die for our country.

Ask: “Would any of you like to give your snack to a
student in another class?”

“Why were you willing to give up your treat? How’s it feel to
know others will enjoy a yummy snack because of what you gave up?
Soon we’ll celebrate Memorial Day. That’s when we remember all the
American men and women who died serving our country. Why do you
think they gave their lives?

You gave up your treat so friends could enjoy something special.
That’s like the men and women who gave their lives so we could
enjoy living in America. God gave something special for us, too.
(Read the Scripture.) God gave his son Jesus so we could enjoy
eternal life in heaven. (Distribute cups of Cheezits or some other
snack.) As you eat your special treat, remember that many brave
Americans gave their lives for our country. Let’s thank God for the
wonderful sacrifice he made for us, too.” (Close in prayer.)

TEACHER TIP: Younger children may
not know friends or relatives who’ve died but may share about a
beloved pet. These memories are just as important to them as
memories of loved people. Treat children with respect as they

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