Jesus and Me: Grades 5 and 6


1. Building a Road-Lay a long piece of butcher
paper on the floor. As children arrive, have them create a long
road on the paper with six large blank billboards along the way.
Draw gates at the end of the road.

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2. Signposts-Form six groups. Assign each group
one of these scriptures: Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8; Romans 6:23; Romans 10:9; Romans 10:13; and Romans 8:1. Have groups each
read their scripture and choose a billboard message that reflects
their verse’s meaning. For example, for Romans 3:23, kids may write “Everyone is a

One at a time, starting with the first scripture, have groups each
write the message of their scripture in the billboards along the
road. When the journey is completed, ask: According to these
billboards, what could make us get off the right path? How is Jesus
a guide for us along the journey? How does Jesus help us get
through the gates at the end of our journey?

3. Who Is Your Guide?-Set up an obstacle course
with chairs, tables and wastebaskets. Explain what kids must do to
go through the obstacle course, such as going over chairs or under

Form pairs, and give each pair one blindfold. Have partners take
turns going through the obstacle course, with the sighted partner
helping the blindfolded partner.

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Ask: How did you feel during this activity? How did it
feel to have someone help you? How does Jesus guide you through

4. Spiritual Sandals-Lay several sheets of brown
posterboard on the floor. Have children stand on the posterboard,
trace their feet, write their name on their traced feet and cut
them out. On the bottoms of their traced feet, have kids write
things that may be detours, distractions or dangers on the road of

Then have kids punch holes 1-inch-apart along the edges of each
foot. Give each child two 20-inch lengths of yarn. Have them use
one length of yarn for each foot, tying a knot at one end of the
yarn and lacing it through the holes.

After kids are finished with their sandals, have them tie the two
lengths of yarn together. Encourage kids to hang their sandals in
their room at home to remind them that Jesus is their guide.

5. Rocky Road-Serve Rocky Road ice cream as a
snack. You can buy it at the store, or mix chocolate ice cream with
mini-marshmallows and nuts. Encourage kids to tell any “rocky”
situations they’re facing that they need prayer for. Close in

For Use With GRADES 5 AND 6

Janel Kauffman is a teacher in a Christian school in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.


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