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Halloween Winding Tunnel


Each year, we make a 50-foot winding tunnel for kids to crawl through at our Halloween Bash. Our kids love it, and so will yours! Here's how to build it.

We start collecting appliance-sized boxes early and call all kinds of stores daily to get enough boxes. You'll need boxes that are approximately the same size.

We have several youth group members design the path the tunnel will take, and then we recruit other youth to help put it together with duct tape. The youth place the tunnel entrance in the door of a room and cover the door with fabric so the children can see only the entrance into the tunnel. This adds to the mystery! They place the tunnel exit far away from any building exits. Then they punch small holes in the top of the tunnel so we can drop in candy for children to gather as they go through.

During the Halloween Bash, youth monitor the tunnel at both ends and allow children up to the fifth grade to enter it. (It's safer to build a smaller tunnel for preschoolers.) When the first children arrive, they're given three tickets to use in the tunnel-one for each time. For the first hour and a half, kids use their tickets, but during the last half hour, anyone can go in the tunnel.

Jayne Zirkel
Waco, Texas

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