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Great Commission Maps

Laycie Costigan


This experience gives kids a visual reminder of how they can influence their families, communities, and world.

Best for: Ages 9 to 12

Gear: White paper and markers

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20

Camp Challenge: The last day of camp often centers on the value and purpose God gives each child. Campers are challenged to not simply leave the lessons they've learned at camp in their cabins, but to take them home to share with their family, friends, and community. Kids can use these maps as visual reminders of the impact they have as a positive influence for Jesus.

Give each child a piece of paper and markers. In the center of the paper, have them write their name and draw a circle around it. From the center circle, have them draw five lines connecting to other circles. In those five circles, ask kids to write names of family members, friends, or teachers that they know well.

Have kids continue the pattern of drawing five lines from each circle and connecting five new circles. Kids can write five people the person in the center influences inside the connected circles-generic names such as "mom," "boss," or "best friend." As the web grows, a map of influence begins to form. Kids get a picture of the impact they can have on a large number of people, even adults.

Buddy Up: Ask: How do you influence the five people connected to your circle? How has someone positively influenced you? negatively influenced you? Read aloud the Scripture. Ask: What does Jesus say about influencing others in this passage? How can you be a positive influence for Jesus this summer?

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