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Give Dads a Hand


Have kids create these unique handprint gifts for their dads, uncles, or grandfathers on Father's Day.

You'll need plaster of Paris mix; water; plastic tubs (margarine bowls work well); 3x18-inch cardboard strips (cut cereal boxes work best); aluminum foil; poster paint; spray lacquer; ribbon or twine; miscellaneous decorating items, such as artificial flowers and beads; a sponge; staplers; tape; decorative markers; and a Bible.

Have kids each create a mold of their choice by creating the outline of a shape using cardboard strips and a stapler or tape. Ideas for molds include stars, hearts, triangles, and other shapes. Have kids each place their mold on top of an aluminum foil sheet and fold the edges of the foil up around the mold to create a "bowl."

Have kids each mix plaster of Paris according to package instructions in a plastic tub, adding their desired color of poster paint. Then have kids fill their molds with the mixture. Have kids gently press their hands into the molds for about 20 seconds, not pressing all the way to the bottom. Kids can customize their handprints by pressing decorations into the still-wet plaster. Finish the handprints by pressing the ends of a 12-inch piece of ribbon or twine into the top of the mold to create a hanger.

Let the handprints dry for 24 hours and remove the cardboard mold. Use a damp sponge to moisten and rub away any remaining cardboard. Spray the handprints with lacquer (adults only) and allow them to dry completely.

Before kids present their gifts, read aloud Exodus 20:12. Ask: Why is it important to honor your parents? What are ways that you help your parents at home? How can you honor your parents this week?

Have kids write "Honor" at the top of their molds and the gift receiver's role at the bottom, such as "Dad" or "Uncle." Complete the gifts by writing the child's name and date on the back of the mold.

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