Gingerbread Nativity Scene


gingerbread-house-nativityAge Level: 6 to 12

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Materials: Graham crackers, straight pretzels,
unshelled peanuts*, chow mein noodles, marshmallows, decorator’s
gel, frosting, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, gumdrops, plastic
knives, paper plates, and clean scissors

Time: About 45 minutes

Kids can create their own edible nativity scene.

Give each child a paper plate and equal portions of each
ingredient. Have kids each create a nativity scene, complete with a
stable, family, and animals.

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Kids can create a stable by spreading frosting on the edges of
graham crackers and sticking the crackers upright onto the paper
plate. Attach a graham cracker roof using frosting, too.

Create family members by stacking two marshmallows with frosting
and breaking a straight pretzel in half for arms. Use decorator’s
gel to draw faces and clothing. For Magi, attach a large gumdrop to
the top of the stacked marshmallows for crowns and portions of
gumdrops to the pretzels for gifts. For baby Jesus, place an
unshelled peanut in a bed of chow mein noodle “hay.” Create a
donkey using a marshmallow body and head with half pretzels for

Encourage children to be creative as they use the items you’ve
given them.

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* Please be aware of any peanut allergies. Try using baby carrot, a
piece of bread, or a jellybean.



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