First Impressions (1)


Use these downloadable friend photos and descriptions (from
“Keeping Current’s Reel Time: Princess Protection Program”) to lead
kids in an activity to help them discover that first impressions
aren’t always accurate.

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Instructions: Post the photos on a wall,
folding the descriptions to the backside so they remain hidden. Ask
preteens to vote for the person they think looks most like a
“perfect” friend by placing a sticky note beneath the person’s
photo. Then ask: What qualities do you look for in a friend? What
role does a first impression play in whether you’re friends with
someone? When have you made a wrong assumption about someone?

Read aloud the photo descriptions on the backside. Then ask:
Based on what I just read, how do you feel about your choice now?
What about this experience makes you think about how you choose
your friends?

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