Finger Snap

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You’ll need a Bible.

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Ask an older child to help you with this. Have the child sit in
a chair and close his or her eyes. Then snap your fingers somewhere
along the imaginary arched line that would be formed if the child’s
hair were cut in a mohawk. Each time you snap, ask the child to
keep his or her eyes closed and point to where you snapped. (The
intriguing thing is that the child will get it wrong about 50
percent of the time.) Have the child open his eyes as you tell how
he did.

Say: In a moment, you’ll each find a partner.
One of you will sit on a chair and have your partner snap over your
head, like I did. Now here’s the thing you want to watch for. The
experiment is much more interesting if you keep your snaps in a
line that’s like a mohawk. So in other words, picture a line
running down the person’s head (demonstrate). You don’t want a snap
that’s closer to the left or right ear. Keep it within an arch
going right straight over their head and back. Listen very
carefully because there will be a lot of snaps in this room. So
spread out.

Then form pairs and have partners do the same thing, trading so
each one gets to do both roles.

Afterward ask: How easy or difficult was it to
figure out where the snapping was coming from?

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Read aloud Romans 12:1-2.

Ask: How easy or difficult is it to know what
God wants you to do? What do these verses say we can do so we know
for sure where God is leading us?

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