Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Celebrating Easter


Use this Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Easter to involve kids in upper elementary with each other, exploring biblical accounts of new life and in a creative Easter celebration. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

The high point of a Christian’s year is Easter. Christ’s triumph over death is the once-for-all victory. For preteens, Easter can be a memorable day because of the celebration of new life — Christ’s and their own.

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In this Sunday school lesson, preteens will:

  • explore biblical accounts of Christ’s Resurrection after experiencing a Bible Easter egg hunt;
  • discuss the importance of resurrection stories for their daily lives; and
  • celebrate their own and Christ’s Resurrection.

What You’ll Need

  • Materials for the art projects you choose to do in activity #4 (see activity #4 for a listing of materials)
  • Favorite Easter songs
  • For every four to six kids, a large sheet of newsprint, a marker, a roll of masking tape, an “Easter Bible Study Instructions” handout, four to six slips of paper with Matthew 28:1-15, Mark 5:35-43, Mark 16:1-8 or 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 written on them (the Bible passages will divide the group into small groups; if you have more than 24 group members, repeat the same verses on different-colored slips of paper)
  • For each person, a Bible and an egg-shaped container (plastic or tin).

Before Class

  • Read the meeting and collect supplies.
  • Ask someone to bring refreshments.
  • Prepare the eggs: Insert the slips of paper with the Bible passages into the eggs — one per egg. Make sure you have enough eggs for each person to have one, and that the Bible passages (and perhaps colors of paper) will divide the group into small groups of four to six.
  • Hide the eggs.

The Lesson

1. A Bible Easter Egg Hunt — When your preteens have arrived, invite them to hunt for the hidden Easter eggs. Each person is to pick up only one egg. After everyone has found an egg and removed the Scripture passage, ask kids to get into small groups by finding other group members who have the same Scripture passage (or color of paper). Make sure there’s an adult sponsor in each group.

2. Easter Bible Study — Hand out Bibles for everyone. Give each small group a large sheet of newsprint, a marker, and, a roll of masking tape. Tell kids to do what the directions say below.


  • Look up your Scripture passage in the Bible and read it.
  • Tape your sheet of newSprint onto the wall.
  • Outline the events in the story on newsprint. Ask someone In your group to tell the story to the entire group later.
  • Decide which is the most important phrase or sentence in your Scripture passage. Choose someone in your group to read it to the entire group later.
  • Have each person again quietly read the section of Scripture and consider what meaning this Scripture has for his or her personal life. (How does it encourage, comfort, or reassure you?) Have each person tell his or her thoughts in the small group.
  • As a group, complete this sentence to tell to the total group: “Two important meanings this Scripture has for our lives are . . .”
  • Choose someone to report your sentence completion to the total group.

3. Large Group Reports — Once each small group has completed its Scripture study, bring everyone together. Ask each small group to take turns sharing the following information with the large group:

  • An outline of the events in the Scripture passage.
  • The most important phrase or sentence in the Scripture passage.
  • Two important meanings the Scripture passage has for their lives.
Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Celebrating Easter
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