7 Ways Group’s KidMin Conference Ministers to a Leader’s Soul


From guest blogger Jill Freese: 7 Ways Group’s KidMin Conference Ministers to a Leader’s Soul.

I have attended Group’s KidMin conference since it began. I will not ever miss the KidMin Conference and here’s why…

1. I get to be in the midst of hundreds of souls who “get me,” who understand what it means to be passionate about loving Jesus Christ and so badly desiring to figure out the best and most effective ways to share that love with kids so that it becomes their own.

2. I get to sit in workshops with teachers who understand that desire and have the most creative ways of helping me to accomplish it; teachers who know my need to talk and share with those around me and to move; teachers who keep it R.E.A.L. (If you do not know what R.E.A.L. is, the conference would be worth learning that alone.)

3. I am given countless opportunities to really make the KidMin Conference MY conference – by custom tailoring the selection of topics that I want to learn about; by having the time to seek out the specialized help I need from fellow attendees and teachers and counselors; and by napping when I need to. Smile.

4. I get to worship – oh to worship – just me and Jesus amidst music and an atmosphere that doesn’t allow me to worry about the sound system or knowing the words or having to remember the motions or how to get little Allie to keep her hands to herself.

5. I get to figure out how to fit all the free materials I was given and all the materials I had the opportunity to buy in my suitcase. Smile.

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6. I come away with new friends. Friends who seek me out in the year between conferences and who are genuinely excited to see me (and I them!) each year. Friends I can reach out to for ideas and perspective and inspiration.

7. I get to return home with my soul refreshed – my relationship with Jesus Christ is deeper and I am resourced and ready to do this incredible work called children’s ministry that God has called me to do.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to minister to your soul at KidMin. Register today.


JillFreeseJill Freese is a KidMin Inside Track Team Member and the Children’s Ministry Director at a church in Rochester, New York.

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