3 Gifts for Jesus


Offer gifts to Jesus with your family to remember
the gifts of the wise men.

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1. Read Matthew 2:2. Say: The wise men
gave baby Jesus gold to show that he is a king.
something fancy like a gold-colored picture frame or a fashionable
piece of costume jewelry, and place it under your Christmas tree as
you take turns naming things you love about Jesus.

2. Read Revelation 5:8. Say: The wise men
presented baby Jesus with frankincense, a spice used when people
worshipped God.
Set an unlit candle or other fragrant item
under your tree, and take turns offering prayers as a gift to

3. Read John 19:39-40. Say: The wise men
brought myrrh, an ointment people put on bodies that were going to
be buried.
Set out lotion or perfume as you thank Jesus
for dying for your sins.


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Excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine.



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