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When the Pastor’s Long-Winded

Use this list of 19 time-fillers to make that extra
class time positive learning time.

-Ring Around the Rosie-Play the usual way but sing, “With
kindness, with kindness, we love one another. Others first, others
first. We don’t make others frown.” Have the children fall down.
Afterward, discuss ways to be kind to others.

-Guided Play-Doh-Review today’s Bible story by asking questions
with answers that can be molded in Play-Doh. When a child answers
correctly, everyone molds their Play-Doh like the answer.

-Happy/Sad Faces-Make up stories about children who either do or
don’t apply today’s Bible lesson. If the child’s actions make Jesus
smile, have kids smile. If the child’s actions make Jesus frown,
have them frown.

-Puppets-Pull out a puppet who didn’t get to hear today’s story.
Have the children tell the puppet what happened so he can learn
God’s Word too.

-Jesus Loves You-Have children play according to the rules of
Duck, Duck, Goose but have them say “Jesus loves” as they walk
around the circle and “you” as they tag others.

-Which Animal?-Have children pantomime different animals while
other children try to guess the right answer.

-Tape It-Record the children singing, saying a verse, answering
review questions, or telling how they’ll apply today’s lesson. Kids
will be eager to hear their voices.

-Symphony-Keep simple homemade instruments in your classroom.
March around the room playing instruments and singing or chanting
the lesson’s main point.


-London Bridge-Play as usual but say, “Jesus Christ was nailed
down, nailed down, nailed down. Jesus Christ was nailed down to a
rugged cross. Take Jesus into your heart, to your heart, to your
heart, take Jesus into your heart. He wants to be your Savior.”

-Teacher Says-Play like Simon Says but say “teacher says.” Use
this to apply Bible lessons. For example, say, “Teacher says to
tell Jesus one thing you’re thankful for.”

-Who Am I?-Choose a secret Bible character and give hints about
his or her life until someone guesses correctly.

-Act it Out-Have children re-enact the Bible story by staging a
simple play.

-How Do You Feel?-Assign each child a character from the Bible
story. Reread the story. Ask children how their characters would’ve
felt at different times in the story.


-Creative Writing-Have children write an article for The
Jerusalem Journal. Have them pretend to be reporters at the scene
of your Bible story.

-Interview Me-Have someone volunteer to be the character from
today’s Bible story. Have the other children write questions to ask
the character. Then enjoy the press conference as kids interview
the character.

-Make a Time Line-Keep a clothesline, clothespins, and
construction paper in your room. Have children write out and
illustrate today’s story on pieces of construction paper. Using the
clothespins, have children place all the stories you’ve covered in
chronological order on the clothesline.

-Pictionary-Play with words from the Bible lesson. Kids can also
draw pictures that show ways to apply the lesson.

-In my School?-Have children imagine that the Bible character
from the lesson is in their school. What would he or she be like?
Who would the character’s friends be? What would the character do
on a rowdy school bus?

-Class Brainstorm-Have the class throw out ideas for a future
service project that would apply the main point of today’s lesson.
Discuss the pros and cons of each idea based on feasibility,
finances, and work involved. Choose one idea to actually do. Then
set a time to go for it.

Lisa Cowman is a children’s director in Norwalk,

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When the Pastor’s Long-Winded

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