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What’s In a Name?

byname1Use this experience with preteens to
help them discover the meaning of their names and to remember that
God knows them by name.

You’ll need 11×14-inch white paper, markers, books or websites
containing name meanings, and a Bible. For name resources, go

Ask preteens if they know why their parents chose their names
and let them share their stories.

Ask kids to discuss the following questions.

  • Has anyone ever called you by the wrong name? How did that
  • Is it easy or difficult to imagine yourself with another name?
  • Why do you think names mean so much to us?

Have kids use books or websites to look up the meaning of their
names and then make posters for their rooms that say, “God knows me
by name!” Have kids each include their name and its meaning on
their posters.

Afterward, read aloud John 10:1-5 to remind preteens that God
knows us and calls us by name.

This is excerpted from Children’s Ministry
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What’s In a Name?

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