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Train Your Volunteers with Online Videos

Training your staff and volunteers can be like herding cats. Scheduling is a pain, there’s never enough time, and frankly, it’s hard to get people excited about it. Like me, you’ve probably felt like this leader:

It’s time to stop the chase! If you can relate, then Good to Go was made just for you. Good to Go is online, on-demand video training. Volunteers watch training videos you pick, on their own time, on their own devices, and Good to Go keeps you updated on who’s been trained. It’s super simple, and very effective. It’s something I wish I’d had during my time as a children’s director.

Training in crucial, so I talked with Amy Nappa, Executive Editor for Adult and Church Leadership at Group, to find out more about Good to Go and how it can help you with all your training needs.

DJ- What inspired Good to Go? What have we heard from our friends in ministry about the need for something like this?

AN-  As we listen to our friends in ministry, we hear over and over that it’s hard to get volunteers to attend
training. People have such busy schedules that it’s hard to find a time that everyone can attend. We wanted to create a training system that would be easy for the leader-and easy for the volunteers as well! Good to Go allows the leader to assign training videos to volunteers-and the volunteer can watch the videos on their own devices at any time that is convenient for them.

DJ- Why is training so important for volunteers and staff, even for those who’ve been serving for a while?

AN-It’s important for everyone on the team to be on the same page. Everyone needs to know what the expectations are, what policies the church has in place for safety, what best practices are for teaching, and so on. Sometimes after we’ve been serving as a volunteer for a while we fall into routines that are not best for others on the team, or are not best for children. For example, we might get into the habit of showing up just a little late…and then that becomes a routine that is not good for children in the classes or for their parents. But if no one ever brings this to our attention again we just keep doing it. Or there may be new things to be learned-even for those who have been volunteering for many years! Policies related to safety may have changed over time and having everyone on the team up to date on what is current is critical for the safety of your ministry. And we all can benefit from hearing new ideas and tips that we may have never heard before!

DJ- What kind of topics will be covered in the Good to Go Training?

AN-  Topics include age-level insights, teaching tips, classroom management, discipline tips, hospitality, praying
with a child, and so on. And we will be adding more content over time.

Plus we do have an option where you can upload your own training videos-so if you want to introduce your team, or give a tour of your church, or go deeper on your specific safety policies and processes, you can upload those and assign them to volunteers through the Good to Go system. Super easy!

DJ- I hear Good to Go can help leaders know who’s gone through what training.  Can you tell us more about that?

AN- We’ve included a super easy tracking system within Good to Go. When a leader “assigns” a training video to a volunteer, the leader can see if the volunteer has finished that training or not. This information is stored within the system so months or even years later the leader will have a record of who has completed what sections of training. It’s always a challenge to keep records of who has been trained in what areas, and who has missed training, and who still needs training…so this system is perfect for tracking where volunteers are in your training process!

The leader also has the ability to set a time frame on the assignment, so if someone has not completed the training within that time, the leader is notified and can follow up with the volunteer personally. The system also allows the volunteers to let the leader know if there are additional questions on the topic-so if a volunteer finishes the training and still needs more info, he or she can notify the leader within the Good to Go system to let the leader know what information still needs to be communicated.

DJ- How can people who are interested get more information? Can they try it out?

AN- Our website ( has all kinds of information-and we do have a free 7-day trial that lets you play around with the system and try it out.

DJ- Thanks Amy!


I’ve been able to check out the program, and it’s amazing! I really think it’s cool how you can upload your own videos so you can make sure that the training covers issues specific to your ministry. It’s perfect! How does your team respond to training? What topics do you cover? Share with us using the comment section below!

One thought on “Train Your Volunteers with Online Videos

  1. Cheryl Blatchley
    Cheryl Blatchley

    We have trouble getting our volunteers to meet for training. They don't want to give up an evening, a Saturday morning, or Sunday afternoon to do training, even when they know it's important to their ministry. To REQUIRE them to come to a training session makes it even less appealing. That's why we decided to make our own video for Early Childhood volunteers so they can view it on their own time. Our video is only for policy and procedure purposes. We were hoping to also do some "teacher training" videos, but you have already done that for us! Thank you! 🙂

    Topics that would be helpful for children's ministry volunteers are:

    – Attention-getting or Refocusing techniques
    – Storytelling tips
    – "While kids wait" activities (fingerplays)
    – Handling behavioral/discipline issues
    – Teaching children with special needs
    – Understanding Teaching and Learning Styles
    – Parent/Teacher Communication

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Train Your Volunteers with Online Videos

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