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8 Science Object Lessons for Children’s Ministry



Discover the impact of sin and forgiveness.

Materials: Two toothpicks, one plastic straw, and a large plastic cup for each child. You’ll also need access to water and bars of soap.

Theme: Sin separates us from God
Scripture: Isaiah 59:1-3
Age Level: 6 to 12
Prep Time: Five minutes
Activity Time: 15 minutes

Have kids fill their cups three-quarters full with water. Give each child two toothpicks and have children carefully place them on top of the water in parallel formation (not touching each other). One toothpick represents God and the other the child. Have kids stick one end of a straw into a bar of soap to make a soap “plug.”

Read aloud the Scripture. Say, “When I say ‘go,’ I want you to touch the soapy end of the straw to the water between the two toothpicks.”

The toothpicks will separate as soon as the tip touches the water.

Say, “How is the soapy tip of the straw like sin? How does sin affect our relationship with God?”

Say, “When we sin, we have a responsibility to repent-or go the other way-and ask for God’s forgiveness. When we repent of our sins, what happens to our relationship with God?”


Here’s an “egg” citing demonstration of conquering the impossible.

Materials: One peeled, hard-boiled egg; a glass jar with a mouth just smaller than the egg so the egg can’t pass through it; three 1X3-inch paper strips; matches.

Theme: Faith
Scripture: Matthew 17:14-20
Age Level: 6 to 12
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Activity Time: 10 minutes

Alert: This activity uses fire, so have an adult demonstrate the experiment.

Set the egg on the mouth of the jar. Ask kids to figure out how to get the egg inside the jar, even though it won’t fit through the mouth. Ask everyone to brainstorm ways they might be able to get the egg inside the jar without harming it.

Try a couple of their suggestions. When they’ve given up, say, “How many of you believe it’s possible to get this whole egg inside the jar? Even though this seems like an impossible problem, I have a solution.”

Crumple three paper strips and drop them inside the glass jar. Then light a match and drop it inside the jar. Once the strips catch fire, immediately place the egg on the mouth of the jar. When the flames extinguish, the egg will slip inside the jar.

Say, “How do you explain that? What do you think caused the egg to drop into the jar? Did you think it was impossible to get the egg inside the jar without ruining it? Why or why not?”

Read aloud the Scripture. Say, “How is this experiment like or unlike what Jesus said about the faith the size of a mustard seed? Have you ever seen something happen that you thought was impossible? Explain. What did you think after you saw the egg inside the jar? What does this show us about our ideas about what’s possible and what’s not?”

20 thoughts on “8 Science Object Lessons for Children’s Ministry

  1. Avatar
    Charles Snikers

    This is atrocious. It makes me feel physically sick. GROW UP. Keep religion and science separate and stop teaching our children lies.

    • Avatar
      Christine Yount Jones

      Charles, we’re sorry we’ve offended you!

    • Avatar

      Charles, I find this so amusing. You come on to a Children’s Ministry website and get upset that they are talking about Children’s Ministry? Apparently, you have decided that you are God and have the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot do.

      But the difference between you and the real God is the real God gives every person choice. He even created a Charles who disdains Him. So I guess I will stay with the living God who gives us all choice. And our choice is to love God and teach our children just as you do yours. Sorry…but control is demonic and that may explain your need to try to control the people on this site.

      • Avatar
        grace butler

        God doesn’t cause bad things? Ummm…have you read Job? Have you read HIS plan for Jesus Christ to die as the lamb. I would like to know which “scripture” you are quoting there when you tell the kids that God doesn’t “cause” bad things to happen. Yes, he does use all of the bad in this fallen world and turns it into good….only for those who love him. But, our God is sovereign over ALL things….good and bad. Satan must ask His permission to do anything. So, you may have good intentions with this lesson….but a BIG RED flag went off for me over that comment….it’s very misleading.

        • Avatar
          Leticia Morales

          I don’t think it’s misleading. God didn’t “cause” Job’s pain. You are correct in saying that Satan asked permission, therefore Satan was the cause of the pain. It was not God himself inflicting pain upon Job. He allowed it, but he was not the cause. As for Jesus, He is the son of God. Also, God did not cause this. The sin of the world, man, caused this.

          • Avatar
            Christine Yount Jones

            Thanks for your thoughtful response, Leticia! That’s why we like to ask great questions that get kids and all of us thinking!

        • Avatar

          If you read Job you realize God didn’t cause bad things, but allows bad things and yes uses those bad things in His perfect timing for our good.

    • Avatar

      Praying God take the blinders off your eyes so you can see the marvelous things He has for you. God Bless!

  2. Avatar

    Love it

    • Avatar
      Christine Yount Jones

      Chris, thank you so much for your insightful comments. I know everyone will benefit from your perspective!

  3. Avatar

    I am giving the children’s message at church this week – 9/11. The bag of water and pencils lesson is exactly what I was looking for. As a former teacher, I know that kids these days want/need to see it, hear it, touch it in order to get it. Using science (which is fact based) to help explain religion (which is faith based) is brilliant. Thank you for joining the two. (P.S. I so hope that Charles is being sarcastic.)

  4. Avatar

    Make sure the pencils are sharp…dull pencils don’t make clean breaks in the bag (at least my second pencil didn’t get it done)

    • Avatar
      Christine Yount Jones

      Great tip, Chris! Thanks for sharing that. We’ll change it in the article too!

  5. Avatar

    Why would we separate agod and science? God created science. He uses it all the time!

  6. Avatar
    Vickie L Miller

    Thank you so much for this wonderful visual (object lesson). I work with 1st and 2nd grades on a Wednesday evening. Many of my precious ones are not churched, so I desire to show them what the Bible is saying. I am looking for object lessons to help them understand God’s love, mercy and grace; and Christ’s amazing love in giving of His life so I (and prayerfully they) might have life. Thank you for sharing this lesson!!

  7. Avatar
    Mauren Rivera

    Thank you for this, I personally think today in the world we are in, we need our children to remember and keep his world in their heart and mind and what better way than a science demonstration. We tend to forget that God made science he gave the wisdom to people to come up with the science so if I can use this to teach and bring the bible to life so they can remember it when they are going through something bad and pray and say God I know I’m going through this because you are allowing it for a bigger purpose in my life than let’s use what ever tool God has giving us. Didn’t God use parables to teach it’s sort of the same using science to illustrate what God it’s putting in our hearts to teach the children.

  8. Avatar

    Absolutely love this….

  9. Avatar

    I am always interested in the way people view God I came on here as I am planning a couple of science object lessons and I can say I have learnt so much more. It is always insightful seeing how many and varied are peoples views of God and sin (the bad stuff that happens). The immediate response often is to infer that God is the cause of it. Gods grace is the most astounding thing, He suffers long with man and if it wasn’t for His mercy the bad things would be so much worse than what they are. This is the true message of Job and a perfect representation of Gods grace through the eyes of a man that witnessed trial and triumph in the fullest. Job never once complained but trusted in God through his whole experience, this object lesson and the comments combined create a perfect picture, Thanks.

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