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Thanksgiving Song
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Thanksgiving Song: Five Little Pilgrims

Preschoolers will enjoy this Thanksgiving song: Five Little Pilgrims with motions, sung to the tune of “Five Little Ducks.”

Another option is to use this as a finger play without the tune.

Five little pilgrims sailing in a boat (hold up five fingers),

Over the sea and water they float (make wave motions with hands).

One little pilgrim said, “Land I see!” (hold up one finger, then hold the other hand above eyes as if searching).

They came to America to be free (fold hands and bow head as if to pray).

Continue to repeat this song, subtracting the number of pilgrims as you go until there are no pilgrims left.

Charlotte Lesko
Oakfield, New York

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Thanksgiving Song: Five Little Pilgrims

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