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The Star Movie: The Story of the First Christmas

Are you looking for a great faith-based movie recommendation for families this Christmas? The Star: The Story of the First Christmas is coming soon!

Christian director and filmmaker Timothy Reckart was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 for his stop-motion short film “Head Over Heels.” Since then, he’s been on a journey that led him to direct The Star, an animated, faith-based feature coming to theatres this holiday season. The Star features an A-list ensemble of talent, from Oprah Winfrey to Mariah Carey to Ving Rhames.

CM: Describe your journey as a Christian director.

 Timothy: I wanted to make movies since I was 10. My goal was to communicate with the culture. I’m a Christian filmmaker; I wanted to engage with the culture in positive way. That led me to The Star, a nativity story told through the animals’ eyes. It’s a great movie with a Christian point of view, but it’s also a great movie with a lot to offer everyone. It touches on the subjects of family and self-sacrifice in a way that will resonate with kids and parents.

CM: What do you hope families will walk away with after seeing The Star?

Timothy: This story is about “Bo”—the donkey who carried Mary. Bo is trying to find his purpose. He sees the star and knows he has a calling to do something big. He figures what that is during the course of the movie. My hope is that the movie offers an empowering message, especially to kids, that there’s a plan for you. And it may not be about getting famous or being popular—it may be about something seemingly small but that has a very big impact. That’s what I hope families will talk about.

Catch The Star ( at theatres nationwide this Christmas season! Watch the trailer here.

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