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preschool Easter game
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Preschool Easter Game

This preschool Easter game is a fun way to talk to children about what Easter sounds like. And it’s a great way for your kids to make a joyful noise just in time for Easter.

In this children’s game your kids will participate in a fun activity perfect for Easter or anytime.

To start the activity, create an instrument for each child. Fill several plastic easter eggs with one tablespoon of uncooked popcorn. Fill some with one tablespoon of salt. Fill others with a LifeSavers candy. Close these Easter eggs and put duct tape over the seams to ensure a tight seal. Now you are ready for the activity to begin!

Have kids sit in a circle to start the game, with their Easter eggs hidden behind their backs . Choose one child to stand and “play” his or her egg, then that child will walk around the outside of the circle and gently tap another child on the head. The tapped child should play his or her egg and compare the sound to the tapper’s egg. If the sounds don’t match, the tapper continues to walk around until he or she finds an egg that sounds “egg-sactly” like his or her own. Before the next child begins searching for a matching egg in the game, have kids pass their eggs to the child on their right.

Finish the game by playing the instruments along with a rousing praise chorus. It’s a fun activity for younger children, especially.

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Preschool Easter Game

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