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Seasons of Your Ministry

Just like God’s creation, our ministries cycle through the four
seasons. Determine which season you’re in and allow God to help you
and your ministry grow.

I feel secure today. I’m thrilled with the volunteers who’ve been
loving the children with so much dedication and sacrifice. Our
midweek program couldn’t get any better. Children are growing in
Christ and leaders are learning to love kids unconditionally, even
when they’re unlovable. It’s happening in Sunday school too. I see
new volunteers shimmering in the bright sunlight. They’re
reflecting Christ’s love. How beautiful they are. It must be

If you’re in spring, appreciate your volunteers as you would
spring flowers. Serve and train your volunteers-whose contributions
make spring possible. Send a warm note of appreciation. Let your
congregation hear what wonderful new birth God is giving

I have so much to do. Plans to make for our big event,
teacher-training to organize and appreciation notes to write. Let’s
see, the second-grade class is having a party Sunday. I must go to
that because those kids are so enthusiastic about their class. Then
our new children’s church begins. This is so exciting. Every event
will allow me to love the kids and tell the volunteers how
wonderfully special they are. Children’s ministry is HOT! Feels
like summer.

If you’re in summer, delegate, delegate, delegate! Good, strong
coordinators heading up each of your special events will free you
to see that each event is done with excellence. You don’t want to
faint from sunstroke during these hot times of ministry. Surround
yourself with others who love to minister to children also.

I can’t see any growth in my ministry at all. Not many new kids,
not anything too exciting-almost as though our ministry has gone to

My volunteers are dealing with personal issues I don’t feel able
to handle. The kids haven’t been bad, but they’re just not excited
about anything we do. And, to be honest, I’m having to drag myself
to the church more days than I’d like to count. It feels like
autumn-a time of sloughing off and preparing for winter’s

If you’re in autumn, don’t despair. John 15:2 says that God
prunes his fruitful branches so they can bear more fruit. Use this
time of pruning to strengthen your relationship with Christ.
Encourage your volunteers to also focus on Christ. Pray and ask God
to help you grow through the pruning process.

What makes me so dreary today? In fact what makes me so dreary this
month? I still want to serve you Lord. I still love children, but
it seems like a raging ice storm all the time.

The winds of adversity blowing through my ministry may take on
many faces-dealing with abusive parents, too many kids, not enough
space, a board that doesn’t realize children are brothers and
sisters in Christ, not enough volunteers, not enough volunteers and
not enough volunteers. Feels like winter.

If you’re in winter, the warmth of good counsel will thaw the
rough icy spots. Talking with others who understand your job will
help you deal with loneliness or frustration. Ask a faithful prayer
partner to help shield you, through prayer, from the stormy blasts
of discouragement.

Judy Wortley is a children’s ministry consultant and the
author of The Training Remedy (David C. Cook). Please keep in mind
that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to

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Seasons of Your Ministry

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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