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A preschool boy sits at a table in his church classroom making a craft.
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Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Helping Out Mom

You can create an awesome Mother’s Day experience for families during the COVID-19 pandemic with great ideas from! You can adapt this lesson for video presentation; simply provide parents with the easy supply list beforehand or assemble and deliver supplies to families beforehand.

Use this preschool Sunday school lesson on Mother’s Day to help preschoolers understand how they can help their moms around the house. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Helping Out Mom

Place a line of five chairs 4 feet from a wall. The seat portion should be facing the wall. Tape large green construction paper “reeds” to the back of the chairs. Lay a blue blanket near the back side of the chairs to represent water. Put a doll inside a basket and place the basket on the blue blanket.

1. Mother Helpers

As kids arrive, give them each a sheet of white construction paper. Have them use tempera paint to make prints on their paper with a pancake turner, a fabric softener lid, cookie cutters, a small whisk, a sponge, and an old toothbrush.

After children create their prints, ask:

  • How can you use each item to help your mother?
  • What other ways do you help your mother?

Allow the papers to dry. At the end of class, use a hair dryer to dry any wet paint. Then cover the papers with clear contact paper so kids can give them to their mothers as a placemat.

2. Miriam Helps

Paraphrase the story of Moses’ sister, Miriam, watching baby Moses from the reeds (Exodus 2:1-10).

Afterward, have the children take turns traveling down the row of chairs, hiding and watching baby Moses behind the reeds.


  • What did Miriam do to help her mother?
  • How do you think Miriam felt as she helped her mother?
  • How can we help our mothers this Mother’s Day?

3. Mother May I?

Have children stand against one wall while you stand against the opposite wall. Play the Mother May I? game but vary the commands you give with questions such as “What’s one way you can help your mother this week?” or “What’s one way your mother helps you?” Have children answer the questions before they can step forward. Continue until each child has participated and someone has reached you.

4. Snack

You’ll need:

  • sliced raisin bread
  • butter
  • cinnamon
  • heart-shaped cookie cutters

Help children cut a heart shape in their raisin bread. Then spread butter on the bread. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon. Tell kids that this is a snack they could make for their mothers today (with a little help from Mom).

Robyn Kundert is a Sunday school teacher in Nebraska.

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