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Nursery-aged girl in a lilac top smiles as she plays a simple Valentine's Day game.
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3 Nursery Valentine’s Day Games for Your Children’s Ministry

These 3 nursery Valentine’s Day games are a great way to celebrate God’s love with the littlest children in your ministry!

Nursery Valentine’s Day Game #1: God Made Me

Use this finger play to help toddlers learn that God made them!

God made my fingers (kids point to their fingers)
And my toes (kids point to their toes)
My face, my mouth, (kids make a circle motion around their faces and then point to their mouths)
My ears, my nose. (kids point to their ears and then their noses)
God made my hands (kids turn palms up to show hands)
To praise and pray, (kids hold hands up, wriggle wrists, and then place palms together to pray)
My feet to walk, (kids “walk” two fingers on the palm of the other hand)
Every day.
God made my eyes (kids point to their eyes)
So I can see. (kids place hand above eyes, palm downward)
God made you, (kids point to a friend)
And God made me. (kids point to self)

Amy Houts
Maryville, Missouri

Nursery Valentine’s Day Game #2: Love Each Other

To help your little ones learn about love this Valentine’s Day, sing these words to the tune of “Ten Little Indians.” As you sing, have kids hug each other.

God wants us to love each other,
Helping, sharing, playing, giving,
We have friends so we can show him
How much we love others.

Barbara Murphy
Loveland, Colorado

Nursery Valentine’s Day Game #3: Jesus Welcomes Children

Begin by opening your Bible to Mark 10 and say: Jesus loves little children just like you. The Bible tells us that Jesus liked to be with children and talk to them. Jesus loves you, too! He wants to be your friend.

Give each child a heart cut from colored construction paper that says “Jesus loves ________ (fill in child’s name).” Have each child repeat “Jesus loves _________.”

Instruct the children to close their eyes while you place the hearts around the room. Lead a game of “I Spy” by finding the colored hearts. Babies and toddlers can enjoy touching the colored hearts and feeling the paper texture.

Lauren Foster
Union, Kentucky

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