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3 Preschool Creative Movement Ideas

Music, movement, and kids are a happy mixture! Kids love creative movement. And early childhood specialists stress that movement is crucial to children’s development and good health. Creative movement can help children explore how they can worship God with their entire being. But first you must help them overcome their fear of movement.


Use these exercises to get kids warmed up.

*Body Talk-Play music and have children each move their index finger in sync with the tempo. Repeat the process with all fingers, then arms, legs and finally, the whole body. Suggest that they move in many different ways.

*Imagination-Play music and use everyday activities. Have kids pantomime washing their hands, petting their pets, jumping rope, floating like a feather or flying like a bird. For older children, suggest activities such as pretending to play basketball, baseball or soccer, and swim in rough water or underwater.

*Object movementHave children hold a prop such as a streamer of lightweight material, nylon hose, a ball, a balloon or a ribbon. Have them each move their prop in as many directions as possible, such as painting the ceiling, making shapes in the air or writing numbers and letters.

Glenn Bannerman is a retired professor of Christian education. He teaches intergenerational folk dancing and leadership workshops.


Have kids hold hands in a circle while they sing the song below to the tune of “Bingo.”

“Jesus” is sung seven times. Each time the spelled J-e-s-u-s line is sung, kids mouth the last letter that was sung before. For example, in the second singing, kids would spell “J-e-s-u-s” but would mouth the S. During the third singing, kids would mouth the U and the S, and so on through the seventh singing when they would mouth all the letters.

During each line of the song, have kids do the actions in parentheses:

There is someone who loves me so, and Jesus is his name-O. (Alternate walking left or right eight steps each time this line is sung.)

J-e-s-u-s, J-e-s-u-s, J-e-s-u-s, (Tiptoe to the middle, taking one step with each letter. Vary this action by going in backward, sideways, hopping or jumping.)

And Jesus is his name-O. (Raise hands and back out to place.)


Have kids hold hands in a circle within a circle while they sing “Jesus Loves Me.”

During each line of the song, have kids do the actions in parentheses:

Jesus loves me! this I know, (Walk eight steps to the right.)

For the Bible tells me so; (Bow down, letting hands and arms lower.)

Little ones to him belong; They are weak But he is strong. (Straighten up, raise arms up and hold.)

Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me. (Walk in four steps and walk out four steps two times.)

Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so. (Walk in four steps and raise arms up in four counts.)


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3 Preschool Creative Movement Ideas

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