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Many Faces, One Place


Kids will enjoy getting the word out about your children’s
ministry with these sweet invitations. You’ll need a sugar cookie recipe, ingredients, food
coloring, a rolling pin, 2- and 3-inch round cookie cutters,
decorator’s gel, clear cellophane wrap, bowls, cookie sheets,
ribbon, scissors, access to anoven, cooling racks, fine-tipped
markers, and precut decorative card stock.

Prior to class, make several batches of sugar cookies, coloring
each batch a different “skin tone” with food coloring. Make at
least one batch without coloring, one dark brown batch, and one
light brown batch. Use the round cookie cutters to cut out the
cookies and then bake them. Once the cookies are completely cooled,
have kids create faces on the cookies using decorator’s gel. When
the cookies are decorated, wrap two differently colored cookies in
clear cellophaneand tie it with ribbon. On one side of the precut
card stock, print your church’s name, address, and worship times.
On the other side, print “Come join us at children’s ministry
, where kids are the spice of life! You’ve been specially
invited by your friend, child’s first name. “Have kids deliver a
package of cookies to a friend or neighbor they’d like to invite to

Excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine. Subscribe today!

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Many Faces, One Place

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