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A male talking to a female volunteer. They are sitting at a table together.
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The Top 4 Reasons The Church is Facing a Male Exodus

The men have decided. The church is not for them. These are the top four reasons the church is facing a male exodus.

Increasingly, men and boys are abandoning their churches. As we conducted the research for our recent book Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore, we noticed men were leading the exodus. Statistics show that America’s pews are unevenly populated with 61 percent females and 39 percent males.

We wondered why. After digging deeper, we heard several recurring themes.

1. Feminization.

Many men say the current church seems designed for feminine tastes. Everything from the decor to worship behavior seems just a bit too “girly” for many guys. “It’s intimidating for a man to hold hands in a circle,” says David Murrow, author of
Why Men Hate Going to Church. “A male visitor detects the feminine spirit the moment he walks in the sanctuary door. He may feel like Tom Sawyer in Aunt Polly’s parlor.”

2. One-way communication.

Many men no longer desire to sit at the feet of a preacher and passively take in a lecture. Even popular Christian author Donald Miller admitted in his blog that he rarely attends church anymore. “I don’t learn much about God hearing a sermon,” he wrote. He said, like most men, he finds that the typical church service can be long and difficult to get through. Other men told us that they don’t want to sit passively through a church service. They want to offer their thoughts and join the conversation.

3. Avoidance of tough questions.

Many men have serious questions about matters of faith. They feel their questions are unwelcome. David, a college student, told us how his difficult questions about the Bible were deflected and dismissed. Frustrated, he left the church. He wasn’t looking for an easy answer from a clerical know-it-all. He simply wanted a degree of honesty, authenticity, and humility.

4. Lack of adventure.

Another reason for the male exodus is that many men find church happenings too programmed and predictable. They’re looking for a little risk and challenge—just as the original disciples encountered while living with Jesus. But, as David Murrow says, “the actual mission of most churches is making people feel comfortable and safe—especially longtime members.”

Even the concept of discipleship has been stripped of its original meaning. It’s been reduced to a sheltered academic exercise in most churches. Their discipleship programs amount to no more than a Bible study class. Murrow is looking to return to areal biblical process to disciple men. He calls it Men’sLeague. It engages 12 men at a time in a year-long series of “ordeals”—challenging experiences that build healthy reliance on Christ.

Efforts such as these may help men get to know the real Jesus. Not the fragile-looking Jesus they remember from the faded portraits in the church hall. But the real, gritty carpenter who camped with fishermen, stood up to his threatening critics, withstood harrowing abuse, carried his own cross timbers, and conquered death itself. That’s a man—and Lord—men today would find magnetic.

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4 thoughts on “The Top 4 Reasons The Church is Facing a Male Exodus

  1. Avatar

    It seems odd to me that men would call what they don’t like about church as a feminization of the church. Because, the church we see today, is simply a version of what the reformers, and Catholics, and orthodox, designed hundreds of years ago. Very little of it, if anything, came from a feminine influence. It was all guys. All men.

    Everything else mentioned is stuff women would like to have too. The younger the woman, most likely the more she is going to long for the very things these men say they Long for. It’s more of a younger person, and different kind of personality, that this speaks to, and not simply the male psyche.

    It seems to me men are more willing to punt if they don’t like something, whereas women tend to have more stick-to-it-iveness. That’s the real, underlying issue. Women have been raised to comply, be faithful, keep things going. Men have been raised to do as they please. Or?

    • Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Joanne! You bring up some really good ideas!

  2. Avatar

    Sounds to me like these men need a place where they get to be the authority and show off how heroic they are. I think that’s called Cross-fit. Agreed that the worship service may not be comfortable for them; not sure that can be changed. Although we certainly ought to provide other experiences (male friendship?) where they might meet Christ and be born again, ready for it not always to be about them. Same for women, frankly. .

    • Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Susan! You’re definitely on to something about creating spaces for relationships!

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The Top 4 Reasons The Church is Facin...

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