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Let It Snow

Bring on the white stuff with an avalanche of 20
free children’s ministry activities and ideas for kids, families,
and teachers…


Whether kids live in the north, south,
east, or west, they all have one thing in common–they love snow!
Kids dream of an icy-cold white blanket to dig in, roll in, mold,
throw, and even eat!

So we’ve taken those snow-white dreams and given you 20 ideas to
help kids learn about Jesus with a blizzard of games, crafts,
treats, and more!


Snowman Bowling

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: 10 white plastic foam cups of any size per child, black
markers, and beanbags or small balls

Give each child 10 white plastic foam cups and a black
marker. Have the children draw snowman faces on each cup. Then
show the children how to arrange the cups in a 10-pin bowling
pattern. Use beanbags or small balls for bowling balls. The
children may each take their bowling sets home.

Snowman Stacking Game

Age Level: All ages

Materials: White plastic foam cups of any size, and a timer

Form teams, and give each team a package of white plastic foam
cups. Have each team work together to make as tall a pyramid of the
cups as possible. Use a timer to increase the game’s pace and

Snowsock Toss

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: White socks, cotton stuffing, yarn, and buckets

Have each child stuff a sock with cotton and tie the sock with
yarn in two or three places. Children may toss their snowsock into
a bucket for a game or play catch. The shape formed by tying the
sock in several places makes it harder to control the direction the
sock is tossed.

Snowshoe Races

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: Six to eight facial tissue boxes

Children will put their feet inside two tissue boxes, then race on
a smooth surface. To play, have three or four children race at a

Snowboard Relays

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Flattened cardboard boxes, scissors, and thick rope
about 4 feet long for each snowboard

Make snowboards from flattened cardboard boxes. Poke two holes in
one end of each box, then thread a length of thick rope through the
holes and tie the ends of the rope together.

Form two even teams, and give each team a snowboard. Team members
take turns sitting on the snowboard, while the team captain pulls
the person from start to finish across the floor. When all the
teammates have reached the finish line, the relay is

Melting Snowball

Age Level: Preschool to kindergarten

Materials: A white ball, and a beanbag or white paper bag stuffed
with paper

Arrange the children in a circle. Play this game like Hot Potato.
Have children pass the “snowball” quickly around the circle so it
won’t stay in their hands too long and “melt.”


Popcorn Snowmen

Ingredients: Six cups popped popcorn, a large package of
marshmallows, a half cup of margarine, candy decorations, and
plastic sandwich bags

On low heat or in a microwave oven, melt a large package of
marshmallows and a half cup of margarine. Stir well, then add
six cups of popped popcorn. Mix well. You may add more popcorn
to make the mixture less sticky, but make sure the popcorn sticks
together well enough for children to mold.

Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Give each child plastic
sandwich bags to use as gloves and a mound of the mixture to form
into a snowman. Children can add candy features with M&M’s
candies, gumdrops, licorice whips, and pretzel sticks for the face,
buttons, and arms. Provide plastic sandwich bags if children will
be taking their snowmen home.

Snowball Treats

Ingredients: Peanut butter, powdered sugar, and coconut

allergy alert: This treat contains peanut products-be sure to
check for allergies before allowing kids to create or consume this

Mix equal amounts of peanut butter and powdered sugar. Add
more powdered sugar if needed to make the dough less sticky. Have
the children roll the dough into balls, then roll in coconut flakes
to make snowball treats.

Snow Angels

Ingredients: Gelatin set inside cookie sheets, gingerbread
people-shaped cookie cutters, whipped topping, paper plates, and

Have children use spoons to spread whipped topping on a paper
plate. Then help children cut out one or two gingerbread shapes
from the gelatin. After children place their gingerbread shapes in
the whipped topping “snow,” have them use their fingers to make
angel wing prints in the snow.

As the children eat their snow angel treats, encourage them to
thank God for all the seasons.


Glittery Snow People

Age Level: Preschool to kindergarten

Materials: White clay or homemade craft dough, silver or white
glitter, and paper plates

While children each form a snowperson out of clay or dough, talk
about the beauty of winter. Encourage the children to pray
with you and thank God for loving people in all the seasons. Help
the children roll their snow people in silver or white glitter
scattered on a paper plate.

Snow People

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Newsprint, scissors, pencils, markers, and poster

Have each child lie down on a length of newsprint. Kids can help
one another trace their shapes. Help younger children cut out their

Have the children use markers to make their facial features, hair,
and clothing. Write across the chest of each child’s shape: “Wash
me and I will be whiter than snow- Psalm 51:7.” Fasten the snow
people to a hallway with poster putty.

Friendship Snowflakes

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: White paper, scissors, and tape

Have each child fold an 8½×11-inch sheet of white paper into
quarters-and once or twice again. Show the children how to cut
shapes from the folds in the paper. Have children unfold their
paper to reveal a snowflake pattern. Next, have children cut apart
their snowflakes on the quarter-fold lines.

Each child will keep one quarter of their snowflake and exchange
the other three parts with friends in the class. Help the children
tape their four pieces of snowflake together to form unique
snowflakes. Tell the children their friendship snowflakes will
remind them that they have friends in Christ who’ll help them when
they need a friend.

Handprint Snowflakes

Age Level: Elementary ages

Materials: White paper, scissors, and pencils

Celebrate kids’ unique individuality with this fun
craft. Have the children trace their handprints onto white
paper. Then have children cut out and fold their hands two or
three times while cutting a few shapes from each fold. When the
children unfold their handprints, they’ll see a unique snowflake

Discuss how different and how beautiful each child’s snowflake
turned out. Stress that God has made each of us unique,
special, and beautiful.

Snow Globes

Age Level: Preschool to kindergarten

Materials: An empty, clean plastic peanut butter jar with a lid
for each child; plain paper cut into 1×6-inch strips; scissors;
pencils; glue; plastic confetti in winter shapes; and water

Write on a 1×6-inch strip of paper, “Thank you, God, for winter!”
Have children each glue a strip to the bottom of their jar. Then
have children place plastic confetti inside the jars. The confetti
comes in shapes such as snowflakes, snowmen, and smiley faces (at
your local craft store or at Add water to
within an inch of the top of the jars and close the lids

Show children how to shake their snow globes to watch the confetti
shapes move.


Snowman Offering Banks

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Powdered soft drink containers with lids, white spray
paint, a craft knife, markers, felt, and glue

Before class, spray paint the containers white and allow to
dry. Use a craft knife to cut a slit for coins in the lid or
in the plastic container, whichever is easier to cut.

Give each child a prepared container. Have the children use
markers, felt scraps, and glue to decorate their snowmen. Encourage
the children to use the banks to save their money to bring for

You might want to use the banks as a special missionary offering

Bird Treats

Age Level: Kindergarten through elementary

Materials: Popcorn snowmen ingredients listed on page 111,
birdseed, and mesh produce bags

Have children form a snowball from the Popcorn Snowman mixture.
Roll the popcorn balls in birdseed.

Put each ball inside a mesh bag. Tell the children to set
their bird treats in a tree at home to share with God’s winged

Sharing Snowman

Age Level: All ages

Materials: A barrel or large trash can, white paper, construction
paper, scissors, and glue

Use a friendly character to boost a winter food or clothing drive.
Cover a barrel or large trash can with white paper. Cut out
construction paper snowman features and glue them on. Make a sign
for the snowman to hold that says, “Please share.”

Publish announcements in your bulletins and newsletters, and have
classroom teachers explain the snowman to the children. Try to
fill the barrel with clothing or nonperishable food to share with a
local food pantry or to give to needy families in your church.


God’s Marvelous Season

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Blue background paper, white paper or tag board, cotton
stuffing, staplers, scissors, white paper circles or coffee
filters, markers, and optional spray snow

Cover a bulletin board with blue background paper. Write this
heading on white paper or tag board: “God does great things beyond
our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’
Job 37:5-6.”

Have children fold each paper circle or coffee filter into
quarters, then again once or twice. Children can cut squares,
diamonds, triangles, or moon shapes from the folded
edges. Then have the children unfold the circles to reveal the
beautiful snowflakes they’ve made.

After children write their names on their snowflakes, attach
snowflakes to the bulletin board. Add a snow effect to the bulletin
board by stapling cotton stuffing to the bottom edge of the
display. You may also wish to use spray snow to add to your
God’s Marvelous Season bulletin board.



Make a “heartwarmer” packet for each person on your team. Tie a
pretty ribbon around an envelope of cocoa mix. Add a tag that says,
“Your willingness to serve warms our hearts.”

Shining Lights

Use white taper candles for this teacher-appreciation gift. Have
kids glue wiggle eyes and a felt mouth, nose, buttons, and a hat to
the top half of the cellophane-wrapped candle. Tie a tag to the
middle of the snowman taper that says: “Your light will shine for
many years through the children you’re touching now.” cm

Mary J. Davis has been in children’s ministry for more than
three decades and lives in Marshalltown, Iowa.

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Let It Snow

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