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Teacher Training: How to Stop Your Program From Derailing

Teacher Training: Is your program on the verge of derailing? Use these helpful tools to keep your teachers on track.


Are your teachers on track? If not, your entire program could end up in a massive derailment. Use this 10-question “Pop Quiz” and teacher training meeting to keep your program from jumping the track.



1. Plan for the Trip Photocopy and cut apart a “Ticket to Terrific Teaching” card for each teacher. Wear a conductor’s hat, overalls, and a bandanna to this meeting. Use a train whistle to get teachers’ attention during the meeting.

2. All Aboard When teachers arrive, form trios. Have teachers work together in their trios to make a list of 10 qualities of a good teacher, such as devoted, fun, energetic, responsible, prayerful, and loving. When they’re done, have teachers call out qualities they’ve listed. Note on a sheet of newsprint the qualities mentioned.

3. Luggage Check Give each teacher a copy of the “Pop Quiz” (below) and a pencil. Have teachers each take the quiz. Encourage them to answer honestly. Afterward, have teachers pair up with a traveling companion. Have companions each tell a strong area they can praise God for in themselves and a weak spot where they’d like help or prayer. Have partners pray together.

4. The Conductor Says Go through each question on the “Pop Quiz.” Lead teachers in discussing why “c” is the best answer for each question. Ask teachers to tell their secrets to success in each area.

5. Tickets, Please Set out copies of “Ticket to Terrific Teaching” cards using the following wording. One at a time, have teachers give another teacher a ticket and say, “Our children’s ministry is on track because you…” Make sure everyone receives a ticket.



Cost: Dedication and sacrifice

Destination: Reaching children for Jesus Christ

Fuel Source: God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit

Jesus: Don’t Leave Home Without Him!

4 thoughts on “Teacher Training: How to Stop Your Program From Derailing

  1. This looks like a good teacher training meeting to host. It looks easy to follow, thanks for the outline.
    Where are the “Pop Quiz” questions? It indicates they are ‘below’ , but there are no questions following the article.
    Please direct me to where I will find these “pop quiz” questions.
    Thank you

  2. Also looking for the pop quiz please!!

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