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Xbox cover for Farming Simulator 19 featuring a green tractor.

Farming Simulator 19

The Scoop Released just a few months ago, Farming Simulator 19 is already making “top of” lists for kids video games. In this version of Farming Simulator, users play on…

The movie poster for the Kid Who Would Be King. There lead character is featured with his back to the camera, looking over his shoulder. He is wearing armor and has a sword on his back. There is a solar eclipse happening.

The Kid Who Would Be King

The Scoop When a modern-day preteen named Alex finds an ancient sword, he’s challenged to assemble an army of kids to fight off an evil enchantress who returns from medieval…

Halsey's Without Me Album cover features her with her chin up to the sky and blue hair.


The Scoop Twenty-four-year-old singer Halsey made the Billboard Hot 100 five times in 2018. Plus her song “Without Me” peaked at number 1 in early 2019. In 2018, she performed…

Cover of a Wings of Fire book, featuring an orange dragon.

Wings of Fire Series

The Scoop Author Tui T. Sutherland is on a roll with her fantasy series Wings of Fire. Book 12 released this past December, and a graphic novel in the same…

Netflix's Brainchild ad featuring a preteen wearing yellow glasses on a yellow background. Around her head are icons for social media platforms.


The Scoop Brainchild is a new Netflix Originals series written especially for preteens. It explores the science behind everything from germs to emotions to superheroes. Along the lines of the…

Image of Messenger Kids welcome screen on a smartphone. It features a green chat bubble with white polka dots. The text reads, "Welcome to Messenger Kids. A new app that lets kids message their family and close friends."

Messenger Kids

The Scoop Messenger Kids is a version of the Facebook Messenger app that kids can use to make free video calls and send messages on a tablet or smartphone. This…

Assemblr app logo featuring a square with a whale in the water and a dinosaur and trees.


The Scoop More than 1 million people have used the 3D building app called Assemblr. Users can create settings, characters, and even stories that appear in real-life scenes.The app is…

Moss game image include Moss, the mouse, trekking through the forest.


The Scoop Moss, a virtual reality adventure game included in the PlayStation exclusive VR bundle (which has all the basics needed for virtual reality), is a kid-friendly fairy tale. The…

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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