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Bible Game: Jonah, Can You Obey?

The Giant Book of Preschool Ideas for Children s Ministry Group
Excerpted from The Giant Book of Preschool Ideas for Children’s Ministry

Use this fun Bible Game: Jonah, Can You Obey? to help preschool children learn about Jonah.

Say: God wants us to obey—to obey our parents and to obey him. To obey means to listen to and do what someone says. Let’s try to obey right now. Give children actions to follow. Start with easy, one-step directions, like “jump up-and-down,” “touch your head,” or “flap your arms.”

Now, let’s try something a little harder. Give a two-step direction, like “jump and shake your head” or “bend and twist.”

Let’s see if anyone can listen and do this. Give a set of directions that will be too hard to follow, like “turn around, touch your head, touch your foot, bend your knee, and wiggle your nose.”


  • Why was it so hard to obey at the end?
  • When is it hardest for you to obey?

Say: Sometimes it’s really hard to obey. Even big people can have a hard time obeying sometimes. But we can always keep trying.

If you have added time, you can invite willing children to pick an action for others to try and obey.

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  1. I love it is very faithful

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Bible Game: Jonah, Can You Obey?

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