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Independence Day Idea: Living Out Our Liberty

Use this fun craft to help kids celebrate independence for this Independence Day.

For this craft, you’ll need red and blue construction paper; red, blue and silver star stickers; markers; and scissors.

Say: There’s a bell called the Liberty Bell. Have any of you seen pictures of it or actually seen the real bell? This bell is a symbol of the freedoms we have in America. It’s engraved with the Bible verse “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” (Leviticus 25:10) What do you think that verse means?

Read aloud Luke 4:14-19.

Ask: How did Jesus help people be free? What does Jesus offer us freedom from? How can we help others know about the freedom Jesus gives?

Say: Let’s create a liberty bell greeting for someone you know who needs to hear about the freedom Jesus offers.

Pass out craft materials. Have children draw a bell, or provide simple patterns for them to trace. Have children cut out their bell shapes and decorate them with the markers and stickers. Have them write a simple greeting to someone they know who’s sad, lonely, or needs encouragement.

Say: When you give this message to your friend, tell him or her about Jesus and what it means to be free from sin. Close with prayer for the people who’ll be receiving the bell cards.

Bonus: Holiday Service Projects

To reach out and declare God’s freedom-giving-gift, have kids perform these acts of service in Jesus’ name at your community’s fireworks show:

  • Bugs Away: Give away cans of mosquito repellent.
  • A Cold Drink: Bring ice chests full of canned soft drinks to give away.
  • Puppet Show: Before sundown, have your puppet team present a drama about freedom in Christ.
  • Roving Painters: Face-paint children with symbols of God’s love, such as a cross, a dove, or a rainbow.


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