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Feedback Game for Volunteers


Use this experience to help volunteers understand how valuable
feedback is.

Show your team an imaginary line. Then give the simple instruction
that people must quickly line up in proper order according to the
day and month of their birthday-without speaking. Don’t give any
further instruction.

Those with January and December birthdays usually go to ends of
the line. Others get frustrated. After a few minutes, let people
talk so they find their place.

  • What was it like to figure out where you needed to stand
    without talking?
  • What was it like after you were allowed to talk about where to
    stand?Say: Without feedback, you didn’t know where to stand. The same is
    true in ministry. We all need feedback to be effective and to be
    better at what we do.

Adapted from
The New Breed
by Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee

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Feedback Game for Volunteers

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