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A preteen girl is making a craft at her church's Christmas program.
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Our Easy, Easier, and Easiest Christmas Programs

Check out our easy, easier, and easiest Christmas programs!

Christmas!? Are you kidding me, you wonder, I just put our Fall Festival to bed. Who’s had time to think about Christmas?

Well, if you’re not the uber-children’s minister who chose what you’re doing for Christmas at least six months ago, join the club! You’ve got a lot on your plate! And that’s why we created easy (almost instant) resources for Christmas that’ll make your job easier — and still wow your church and community! And, by the way, I’ve listed them in order of Easy, Easier, and Easiest!

One Starry Night

At this interactive event, families will explore Bible-times Bethlehem, strike up conversations with townspeople who are hoping for a Savior, follow shepherds to find the baby Jesus –and enjoy hands-on experiences along the way.

One Starry Night is…

  • Easy for you—and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this 1- to 3-hour outreach event is in one convenient kit.
  • So much fun that kids hate to leave! (Really…it happened at our field test!)
  • A great way to reach your community.
  • Perfect for any size church!

Learn more about this program.

Keepsake Christmas

During this engaging, one-hour, interactive program, families will hear a dramatic retelling of the Christmas story from cast members onstage. They’ll hear from Mary, Joseph, and an angel how the amazing events unfolded on that first Christmas.
Plus each guest will create his or her very own Keepsake nativity scene to cherish for years to come.
Keepsake Christmas is…

  • an easy way to reach out to families in your community.
  • easy on your budget — everything you need for planning your event is in this convenient kit.
  • easy to staff — you won’t need tons of volunteers.
  • great for any size church!

Learn more about this program.

The Not-So-Silent Night

Follow three young shepherds who joyfully shout God’s praises after visiting the baby Jesus. how were they to know they were “disturbing the peace?”

You’ll join them in a Bethlehem courtroom for a hilarious trial and a surprising verdict!

No more hours of rehearsals! This flexible, fully prepared Christmas pageant lets kids of any size cast simply pantomime parts. They’ll love it–and their parents will too! CD provides all voices, music, sound effects, plus publicity helps! Patterns for simple costuming are also included. Scripts may be reproduced for the ease of student use.

Learn more about this program.

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4 thoughts on “Our Easy, Easier, and Easiest Christmas Programs

  1. Avatar
    Deborah Embler

    Thank you for your help . We have from 4-6th do in our church and about adults willing to have a part.

    • Avatar

      That’s wonderful, Deborah! We’re praying your program goes well!

      • Avatar

        We appreciate your desire to share and serve the children ministry
        We have been bless soo much from your message, thank you and may the good Lord add more into your spirit,

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Our Easy, Easier, and Easiest Christm...

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Get free weekly resources from us!
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