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Craft: Plastic Bottle Vase

Stuff you’ll need: One plastic 2-litre bottle with its
cap for each child, X-Acto or sharp knives, spray paint, enamel
paint, paint brushes and stickers.

Tell kids to:

  • Heat your bottle in hot water. Then cut around the bottle
    evenly, as shown by the dotted lines. (See illustration.)
  • Cut a hole in the center of the bottom piece-just large enough
    for the neck of the bottle to pass through.
  • Turn the bottom piece upside down and put the bottle neck,
    spout end down, through the hole. Screw on the bottle cap
  • *pray paint the vase. Then use enamel paint or stickers to
    decorate your vase.

Talk teasers: Read aloud 2 Timothy 2:20-21. *Ask: What does it
mean to be a vessel of honor? a vessel of dishonor? Which vessel do
you want to be in God’s house?

Read aloud 2 Timothy 2:22-26. *Ask: What things
must we remove from our lives to be vessels of honor? What things
must we put in our lives to be vessels of honor? What one thing can
you work on this week?

This craft was created for GRADES 3-6

Sheila Halasz

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Copyright© Group Publishing, Inc. / Children’s Ministry

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Craft: Plastic Bottle Vase

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