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crafts boys will love
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Crafts Boys Will Love!

Check out these 9 crafts boys will love!  Here are art projects boys are guaranteed to love because they embody the things boys love.

1. Boys love energy. So let them be active in the crafts they create. Frugal Fun for Boys has an amazing craft stick craft that boys will love creating. What boy doesn’t love a noisy craft that creates a chain reaction? Help boys learn how God created everything with cause and effect.

2. Boys love hitting things. So let them hammer away! Let your boys create the framework for the rest of the kids–and even themselves–to create beautiful string art. Little Light Design Collective has all the instructions you need.

3. Boys love slime. Lead boys in using this recipe to make ooey, gooey slime from And lead a great Bible study on the Holy Spirit while you’re at it.

4. Boys love noise.  We’re loving these colorful noisemakers from

5. Boys love making a mark. It’s an old camp craft, but a classic–and boys love to carve. Check out the instructions for kids to carve soap at

6. Boys love building. Boys will enjoy building a marble run with craft sticks–again, from Frugal Fun for Boys.

7. Boys love eating. Here’s an easy no-bake cinnamon roll that’s easy to do at church.

8. Boys love movement. We want to play this game! Boys would love creating this “craft” and then playing with others. Anyone for a lesson overcoming obstacles with God’s help?

For more insights into how to create crafts boys love, click here.

Check out 8 crafts that any boy will love from Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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One thought on “Crafts Boys Will Love!

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    I have to agree that boys usually hate the crafts that are usually offered at church or church camp. This last summer I took a group of boys to church camp and by the middle to end of the week they had had enough cut and paste to last them for quite a while.

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Crafts Boys Will Love!

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Get free weekly resources from us!
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