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Chalkboard Art and Awesomeness

ChalkboardWhiteboards seem to be quickly replacing
chalkboards as the writing surface of choice around many Sunday
schools, but I know I was still using chalk and erasers in my
ministry. If you’re like me and still using chalkboards, here are
five simple tips and tricks to help you make the most of

1. Get artistic
If you have a spare chalkboard, here’s an easy trick to do some
really cool typography, courtesy of
Holy Craft
. Print off an image you want on your chalkboard,
cover the back of the page in chalk, and using a pencil, trace the
printed image. The pencil will leave a chalk outline that you can
later fill in.

2. Sharpen Your Chalk
Here’s a simple little trick to help your handwriting and drawing
skills using chalk. From
Sassy Style Redesign
, use a makeup sharpener to sharpen your
chalk sticks like you would pencils.

3. Avoid Dustless Chalk
New research shows dustless chalk may cause allergy and asthma
symptoms in children who have milk allergies.

4. Eraser Substitute
Lost your eraser? Use a damp cloth to make your chalkboard look
just as new. You can use paper towels, but they tend to leave
specks of fuzz around.

5. Chalkboard T-Shirts
Here’s a product we love we loved so much, we reviewed it in our
July/August edition of Children’s Ministry Magazine!These
are great fun to use for impromptu skits, object lessons,
and more. Ideas we came up with: Have kids wear them backward,
write the Fruits of the Spirit on each other’s backs, and then ask
questions and talk with other kids to figure out what’s on their
back; or have an honored child wear one for the day so others can
write uplifting messages.

Want to win your very own Chalkboard Tee? Now’s your chance! We’re
giving away a couple of shirts and entering to win one of them
couldn’t be simpler. Just click
and comment with the word “LOVE” on the contest page for
your chance to win this T-shirt! Two winners will be randomly
selected! Good luck!

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Chalkboard Art and Awesomeness

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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