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Children’s Message: Bound-Up

Use this children’s message: Bound Up to help kids experience how Jesus sets us free.

Text: Romans 6:18

You’ll need one 24-inch length of string or yarn for each child. You’ll also need scissors.

Form pairs and give each pair two strings. Tie the first child’s string to his or her wrists. Imagine the first partner’s thread and arms are a big circle.

Then “thread” the second child’s string through the first child’s big circle. Then tie the ends to the second child’s wrists.

Once everyone is bound up, have pairs work together to get untangled. This is possible, but it takes creativity.

Watch this helpful video to learn how to do this.

With a pair, demonstrate the solution to the challenge: Pinch a small loop half way up the first child’s string. Slide this loop under the partner’s string at her right wrist, moving toward her fingers. Make sure not to twist the loop. Now pull the loop up and over her hand, and pull the string tight. They’ll be untied.

Help all the pairs get unbound.

Say: When we deny that we have a problem or even a secret in our families, we hold on to the pain. I’d like you to think of any pain that you’re holding on to. You won’t have to say what it is, but I’d encourage you to talk about this later with the person you came with. For each thing you think of, tie a knot in your string. (Allow time.)

Say: Sometimes we can change the things that cause us pain. And sometimes we can’t. But we can always be honest about the things that are bothering us. That helps us stay healthy. Let’s pray our Serenity Prayer as our closing. As we do that, touch each knot on your string as you let go of those things. Let’s pray.

God, help me accept things I can’t change; Give me courage to change things I can; And give me wisdom to know the difference.


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Children’s Message: Bound-Up

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